Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Kelsey

Um, yeah, so about 8 months ago now, Kelsey Anne was born!  I realize that I have been neglecting my blog.  I am ashamed.  But I have been taking pictures (you know me).  Here is a book I made for Kelsey's first 6 weeks.  I'll post more books as I make them.  Just wanted everyone to know that I did have Kelsey, I'm not pregnant anymore (though it seemed an eternal thing at the time), and we're still alive and kickin'!

Love ya, and enjoy!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

False start . . .

Sooooo, I really admire those with the uncanny ability to actually BLOG once in a while!  Had some time and something to share, so I thought I'd put the two together.

I had regular 3-minute contractions on Sunday, so Justin and I went to the hospital shortly after church, resolved to bring home a baby a few days later.  They were steady, regular, and quite painful, more painful than I remember with Lauren at that early stage, lasting into the night.  By the next morning, I had only progressed 1 cm and they sent us home, the contractions fading to almost nothing.  Talk about disappointment!  It was so hard to leave that hospital room, back in my Sunday clothes, looking at that empty incubator next to the hospital bed.  :'(  It just wasn't time, I guess.  I'm glad we went, and it was the right place to be, being in so much pain, but it's very confusing.  *sigh*  So I'm due November 20th, which means I have a week and two days to wonder when in the world this sweet little girl is going to finally join us on the outside!  I'm really looking forward to someone ELSE holding her for a change (I frequently ask Justin to take his rightful turn)!!!  Feeling just fine, no major problems, not much sleep (but that's to be expected), and still getting alot accomplished.  I never could touch my toes, so I don't worry over that, but it is extremely difficult to pick things up when they fall on the floor.  They might as well have fallen off a cliff!  Justin is super supportive and helpful, and Lauren is so excited about her new role as "big sister".  I can't describe how excited!  She's always hugging, kissing, and cooing to my belly, and talks constantly about all the things she'll do to help out and how she'll play with the baby.  We're much more prepared this time around, and have all the essentials ready.  I even got a free crib and pack 'n play and diapers and baby clothes!  We're very blessed with this little one, and can't wait to see her.

So here's a rundown on October:

My two lil' punkins:
 Our jack-o-lantern, which Lauren was disgusted with (too slimy):
 The finished product:
 My big punkin head:
 Dressed up for Halloween (I was a queen, Lauren was . . . can you guess?):
 Here's a hint:  '80's cartoon!  Justin was He-man:
 And Lauren was . . . She-ra!!!  She actually asked me to make this costume LAST Halloween:
 And here's what I looked like at 38 weeks:
Which is really close to what I look like right now (pj's and all, actually!).  In two days, I'll be 39 weeks.  Phew!  She's quite a belly-full, I tell ya!  I don't know how many people have asked me if there's more than one in there (it's getting annoying, too).  But this is how big Lauren got, and she was only 7 lbs. 3oz., so I know that it's just how I carry 'em.  Poor thing's got no room!!!

Well, that's it for now.  I will be more vigillant in the future with posting (only time will tell), but I will certainly put up pics of our sweet little dear when she finally decides to show up!  Until then, love ya!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

When life gives you lemons . . .

Life is truly wonderful, no matter how good or bad it is. Lately has seemed like a deluge of trials and things breaking, but no matter how big, it was always taken care of, or eliminated due to not really needing it anyway. It's nice to simplify our life, even if it is under frustrating circumstances. I am so grateful that we have been given these opportunities to re-evaluate our situation and decide what's really important.

So, in the past month, we decided to take our little house off the market b/c not one person came to look at it. Our car and washing machine died on the same day. What a bummer. Our desktop computer, used by our sweet little girl for games, decided to go black one day and hasn't opened it's eyes since, no matter how much I kick it ;). Our lawnmower wouldn't start or stay running. The not-so-reliable truck's tire got a huge bulge and tore a hole in the side wall, and the one opposite from it went flat once or twice a week anyway, so we went from two cars to one to none! When we finally got our car back with a completely new engine, it had a flat as well, so more tires were required. All of this was on top of small, everyday needs and fixes and multiple trials being faced by other family members (my brother's car died the same week mine did!). Even my own body seemed to rebel during this time, failing my 1-hour glucose test at my 28-week doctor visit. So many things to fix, so many trials, so many worries and "what-if's" . . .

Much to my surprise and relief, every single trial we faced has been taken care of, and not one was what we expected. We found someone who could fix our car cheaper that expected, we found a washer/dryer combo for $85, we decided to share mommy's computer (which has made mommy a little more productive), my dad let us borrow his truck and found tires for our truck in the meantime (thanks Dad, I don't know how Justin would've had time otherwise), then he helped me find tires for the car. Dad helped Justin fix the lawnmower, too. Mom helped us figure out financing to cover all these unexpected expenses and let me borrow the van when I needed it, too. Mom and Dad were helping Stephen with his car, David with his mission, and Daniel starting high school/college/seminary as well as replacing tires of their own -- I think we counted 16 new tires for our family in one month! It seemed like everything was going wrong for everyone and that no one would be able to help us. It still amazes me how helping others during your trials brings answers to your own problems! Service is definitely a big part of our Heavenly Father's plan for our happiness. Everything has worked out for everyone.

And I just found out, after a bruising 3-hour sugar test, that I DON'T have gestational diabetes this time!!! I really contribute that to being on Reliv. I know that I must be even more vigilant to eat right so that the baby and I can stay healthy and growing at a good rate, but it is amazing to have it with my first and not with the next. See? Everything works out!

My testimony has certainly grown over this past month. We were afraid we'd have to buy a new car (or two), purchase a brand new washer, get a new computer, find a new lawnmower, and prick my finger 4 times a day for the next few months. It's funny how your mind seems to gravitate to worst-case-scenario when things go wrong. The Lord knew everything that was happening or going to happen, and already had a plan in place. He wanted us to go to him in prayer and learn once again that He is in charge and loves His children and is mindful of every little thing. Looking back, all of this wasn't a very big deal, it just seemed like it while we were in the middle of it. It makes me realize that we needed more faith, and next time when things go wrong, not to worry so much.

We've even received some unexpected blessings during this time of trial. Justin just got an unexpected promotion at work as the Quality Assurance Inspector! He works 12 hours nearly every day, but it's come in handy. On his rare days off (or in the dark after work), Justin has been working on his garden for next year (20'x44'!), and it has come along quite nicely. Lauren was accepted into 4K and was able to ride the bus while we were vehicle-less. I've learned to use a pressure canner and dehydrator with almost no cost to me, and have had all the energy I need to go about my days despite being great with child. We're even contemplating adding onto our house, since it wouldn't sell. There's really no end to the mercy and favor we find with the Lord!

I hope we've learned to trust in the Lord more. I don't like learning the hard way! It really is easier to believe than to see with your own eyes.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Spring cleaning, a little late . . .

. . . as usual. But it is so nice to clean out cubbards and re-arrange stuff. No photos to accompany this post (as I just realized that I don't always have to post pictures), since everything's crazy in organized little piles all over the house, but I think I'll post some "after" pics.

Update on our family: we just got back from NY, visiting my best friend and her beautiful family. I want to be there again already so bad!!! Went to D.C. to visit my cousins and the temple, where my brother David got his endowments in preparation for his mission to Frankfurt, Germany next month. Very cool experience to be with him in holy places.

Justin's working hard, doing 12 hour shifts. On his days off, he works in people's yards for extra $, but I think it's really so that he can have an outlet for all his gardening passion, since he can't really do much in our little yard.

Lauren just got accepted to 4-K for the coming school year! She's extatic, and wants to know all about her new teachers and friends, and if she gets to ride the big bus.

She's also very excited about having a new baby SISTER in November!!! Baby girl is doing great, right on schedule for the 20th, and Momma's feeling fine. I'm a little slow and clumsy at times, and actually cat nap occasionally, but other than that, pregnancy is going great for me. Well, I have to keep reminding myself not to turn sideways to fit through tight spaces -- I keep getting stuck! It's lots of fun to plan for a new little girl, and Lauren's already decided she's going to get a bunk bed for the two of them, and she gets the top one!

Anyway, we're doing great. Wish we could sell our little 2-bedroom house and get something bigger with a larger yard for Justin, but no one's biting right now. Guess we have to wait, and we'll appreciate it when we get there.

Well, this was nice to have a little rant about our family. I should do this more often!!! ;)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Birthday girls

Woo-hoo! It hasn't been months, or even weeks! Now don't get too excited, this is still a work in progess for me! We had such a busy month. My parent's anniversary, our anniversary, Mother's Day, our sweet girl's birthday, then my own birthday. *pant, pant* And we still have money left! Here's some pics for this month's festivities (forgive the backward order, I'm too lazy right now to turn it around):

My birthday, taken at Kanpai

Our 4 year old's birthday, in our backyard (we had a big cookout, and a big cake - Thanks, Grandma!)

Her birthday at preschool

Riding a horse at a church activity

Mother's Day - she "hand"-made me an apron at preschool!

So it was a busy month, but very happy and very rewarding. I especially had a great Mother's Day, and felt so many happy feelings and just love being a mom. I am so blessed to have such a great family.